An Excellent New Java Platform Option: VMware


Why You Should Read This Report
VMware’s ambition is to expand up the stack from its franchise in systems virtualization software into application platforms.

The company’s decision to purchase Java frameworks specialist SpringSource to boot} a initiative toward realizing this larger ambition additionally as toward diversifying its Windows-dominated business. With SpringSource’s development platforms and tools, VMware can presently flip out a Java platform on prime of its virtualization package.

That product will be a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for internal and external clouds instead of a customary middleware stack. VMware’s challenge will be to form a full company that’s larger than the add of its elements and to drive very important revenue from cloud-based and open give opportunities.

Development shops seeking alternatives to Java platforms from IBM and Oracle ought to perceive VMware’s potential to handle their delivery and price problems. 



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